Introducing the Simplex Window System!

A unique composite that provides unmatched energy efficiency while maintaining all of the benefits of vinyl.

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I thought the glass makes the window. Are window frames really that important?

Yes! While a superior glass system is important to window quality, a quality frame is equally important.

When people think of windows, they think of glass. They research the quality and strength of glass. That is a great start, but there is a second, equally important consideration and that is the window frame.

Traditional window frames are made with either wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum:


While a wood frame is the look most people prefer, real wood frames can crack, peel, bend and warp. They also provide a very low energy-efficiency.

Simplex Window - Wooden - Cracking


Aluminum frames are equally problematic. While they will not generally crack or peel, they also lack a  high energy-efficiency and will expand and contract based on the weather causing the window to stick or become difficult to open. Aluminum frames also lack the wood-like aesthetic that other frames provide.

Simplex Window - Aluminum Window - Contracting

if you are looking for quality then you should be making sure you are making a sound investment. That is why vinyl and fiberglass are the preferred window frames to provide you with a beautiful window aesthetic with a solid frame that won't chip, fade, crack or peel.

Our simplex composite is a unique blend that gives you the benefits of a vinyl window with unmatched energy efficiency. They are easy to clean, long lasting and will keep heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter.

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